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12/02/2013 11:29

A lot of company's blog without knowing how to rank higher in google and are unaware of how to improve their search engine rankings. If you are just a personal blog writer writing about a hobby, these SEO tips are not for you. The SEO secrets below are for company's and small businesses trying to rank higher for their keywords in Google and other search engines.

1. Optimize your new blog post for google. Make sure your title and meta tags contain the keywords you are going after. Remember, don't overstuff your keywords as Google will penalize you. 

2. Have a catchy meta tag description so people want to click on your blog and read more. Write attention grabbers as Secrets, Local, Simple, Easy Steps, Free and more.  

3. Nuclear SEO Theory and Longtail SEO: Go after as many keywords as possible by writing as many blogs as you can...without sacrificing quality content. With this blog, I am going after the keywords "Blogging for SEO" and "Blogging Secrets to SEO".  You want to go after paired keywords and hit some singles before you go after a homerun keyword.  

                        SEO Secrets & Higher Search Engine Keyword Ranking

4. Internal Links: Make sure to link back to your past blogs for link juice. Google understands the internet through links. Below is a few internal blog links:

5. Basic External Link Building: You need link juice from other websites. The better the website the link comes from, the more SEO juice you will receive for your link. For example, if links to a little basketball blog, that would be an amazing link to receive for you a small basketball blog.  

6. Social Media: You want to share your new content through social media. You want to share your articles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and more.  When you post to these sites, remember to use hashtags that correspond to your new content and blog.  

7. Continue to add Links that point back to your blog. Make sure to contisously add internal and external links back to your blogs. A good way is to add a recommened article section at the end of your blog post pointing back to your previous blogs. (See Below)

8. Continue to Blog: Internet search engines want to see you website continiously add to the internet community with quality content and blogs. We provide blog management and content creation services.

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