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03/04/2014 22:00
We are Philadelphia's Best SEO Company. First, we want to explain to you all about Google algorithm and what they are looking for in quality websites. Second, we will discuss our process to achieve better SEO and actually be seen by Google. Third, we will show you tools that can help you achieve top SEO Rankings. 

1. Explaining Google's SEO Ranking Algorithm

Google's algorithm has many factors and at the bottom of this section are the most important factors ranked in a chart. After this section, I will explain the easy process of getting to the top of the world. But first, let's look more into the factors which I have summarized in text below. 

5 SEO Neccesities:  

1. Local SEO:  Local SEO is bigger then ever. Our Yelp Profile ranks #1 for "Philadelphia Marketing Consultant". (See Here.) Additionally, our website and Yelp site rank in the top 10 for "Philadelphia Internet Marketing", "Philadelphia SEO Advertising", "Philadelphia Marketing Firm" and more. TIP: Focus on 2 local profiles and boost your reviews for 2 profiles only. I like Yelp and Google Plus.  
2. Social Signals: You need social signals including Google +1's, Facebook shares, Facebook likes, Twitter Retweets and so on and so on. As a Philadelphia SEO Company getting top keyword rankings, I post my weekly secrets once a week to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and StumbleUpon. It is very important to use the right hash tags such as #philly and #seo.  Like us Facebook Here for SEO Secrets Revealed once a week. 
3. Backlinks: You need internal and external backlinks. For example, if you are a small basketball blog and ESPN links to you, Google will rank the small basketball blog higher because it has credibility. Additionally, internal links are factors Google uses to get to know your website. For example, click here for our homepage: Marketing on a Budget
4. On Page Optimization:  It is very important to use keywords on your site correctly without overstuffing. Also, you want your pages titles to be the keywords you are going after. For example, this page is going after "Best Philadelphia SEO Company". 
5. Fresh Content and Blogging: You need to continuously  produce fresh content so you provide to the web community. Google has in their algorithm that you must update a few blogs a month, if not once a day.  Don't forget, the more pages you have the more likely one of your pages will pop in Google. However, never duplicate content and post quality content. Google will notice the difference because they can monitor user behavior  and bounce rate on your website.  Click here to learn how to blog for SEO. 
SEO Chart Rankings Factors Marketing on a Budget Philadelphia SEO Company


2. SEO Process from a Local Philadelphia SEO Company


Are you ready to get to the top of Google? Marketing on a Budget
The process is simple but it takes a lot of work and time. The most efficient and proven method is the secret I am sharing with you. First, get your website up and add 20 pages of at least 500 words about your topic. 5 of those pages should be over 2,000 words, include pictures and videos like this page you are now. Second, you should start a small adwords campaign to understand what keywords drive leads to your website. Third, you need to add your site and link around the web. You should start with local profiles, local directories, social profiles and comments on related blogs/articles. Fourth, is to create unique and fresh content. Here is a great site to automate your marketing for blogs and links. Also, it is a great idea to add a FAQ section made up of a different page for each question. Five, is to repeat the process and let the snowball effect occur. You should link your new blogs back to your original 20 pages. You should link to various sections to your site and mix up the key words. Add to your FAQ Section. This SEO process works and is the best method to get you TOP SEO RANKINGS! 

3. Shared Tools and Links to Get You Top SEO Rankings

Here at Marketing on a Budget, we offer a full suite of marketing services including Guaranteed Lead Generation, Blog Management, Social Media Management and more. Below are a list of tools to help you with your internet marketing efforts. This site is great to see what keywords your site is ranking for. Also, you can view your backlinks and your competitor's backlinks. 
The Marketing Factory: The Marketing Factory has automated marketing tools including daily blogs going after your keywords for SEO, video creation, link building and more. Definitely worth checking them out. 
Ahrefs: This is a great site to view where other website are linking to see if you can pick up some easy links. Here you can learn more about SEO from leading experts. 
Fiverr: This is a great site to get anything completed for just five bucks including backlinks, video creation, blogging, websites, SEO help and more. We use this site all the time.  

How often should I update my SEO Strategy to get Top Rankings?

SEO is a significant web advertising method yet it can't be completely automated. Contingent upon how focused your industry is, it is perfect to survey your SEO system each six to twelve months. It is always a great thought to return to your off-page methodology and examine your rivals' SEO linking techniques to check whether there are any new prospects for external link establishment and reference building. There may be new indexes or websites that have been started that you can target. Internet promoting is an approach that can handle unmistakable, measurable and long haul comes about however it obliges progressing upkeep and overseeing.  Investigating each of the connections in your connection portfolio can additionally provide for you a great thought of where the crevices are in your external link establishment and reference battle and where there is opportunity to get better.

Use Responsive and Clear Design

If you don't convey your message clearly on your site, your guests will either bounce off the page or need to hunt through different pages on your site to discover what they are searching for. You just have a couple of seconds to keep their consideration and can't hazard losing your client's center by driving them to scan for the data they require from your presentation page.

Content is Huge, but Usability is Bigger

Quality written substance is all that matters yet usability is even bigger: Content is extremely critical for SEO purposes and to change over guests yet there requirements to be an exchange off between substance and ease of your layout.   

Engage Your Users

You should participate in the "discussion" occurring over the social web. You should add polls and a comments section to your blog. You can also participate on other blogs. 

You should be blunt about linking back to your site

Search Engines see approaching connections to your site as acceptance of the honesty of your website (very nearly like votes for your site) and ranks your site favorably. A great SEO method is significant to accomplish a solid and adjusted connection profile. Ask to be linked to. Trade links. Trade a guest post for a guest post. Get creative with your linking.   

Call to Action

Offer a reasonable call to movement: The finished objective is to make the change as simple on the client as could be allowed and have a consistent, easy way to know what your site is about. The less time clients must use on your looking around, the less time they need to alter their opinion and go to another site. 

Focus on quality

It used to be that making substance, day by day, was something that needed to happen since the normality at which a site's substance developed by and the length of the article, was a sign to web indexes. However semantic quest searches for quality and inside that quality it searches for genuine replies. So focus on that. Make one, perhaps two better than average posts a week verses 10 crappy posts. Quality goes a long way.  

What are the SEO Google Updates and why do I care? How do they effect my rankings?

SEO Ranking Factors Philadelphia SEO CompanyHummingbird: This Google change for SEO. It takes into account more long string search queries. In example is a Google showing results for "Reviews for the best SEO Company" verses "SEO Company". Or, Google showing "What are the top SEO Factors" verses "SEO Factors". 
Panda: Panda penalizes you for duplicated content and also for adding no new content. In other words, start blogging!
Penguin: Trying to trick Google with bad back links. Make sure to diversify your backlinking with different backlinks and from good quality sites. 

More Local SEO Tips and Advice from a Top Philly Marketing Firm


Claim Your Business Listings 

Begin by guaranteeing the Google Local profile for your business. Google shows your business profile data in numerous list items so you need it to be faultless and smart when categorizing. This is one of the absolute most significant Local SEO standing variables. It's free and it doesn't take much time. 
Give careful consideration when you enter your organization's Name, Address, and Phone number. You want to be steady and consistent across all sites.  
Discover a great quality reference site where you're not recorded? Information exchange and include your posting. It can have any kind of effect in your Local SEO rankings. Who knows?

Include Your City and State on Your Website (Philly or Philadelphia)

Case in point, in the event that you possess a restaurant in Philadelphia, PA then your title tag, meta portrayal, and page substance ought to incorporate the expression "Philadelphia, Pa. This is a must!
Don't go over the edge and spam your site with your city and state. Just incorporate your city and state in your site's substance where it bodes well and feels proper. You shouldn't constrain it and "over-advance" your site.

Get Consumer Reviews 

Reviews are a solid sign for Local SEO. Don't pay for reviews and don't fake them. The more reviews, the more clicks you will get to your site. It is natural to at least "check out" a company if they have positive reviews. Everyone gets bad reviews, so don't be too upset if you are below a 5 star. You should be between 4 and 5. 

Other Ways to Market Besides Internt Marketing

Of course you want to compliment internet marketing with other strategies. Internet marketing is just a piece of the puzzle. 


Direct Mail

A standout amongst the most underutilized promoting channels is regular direct mail. This promoting system can incorporate anything from free trial offers, a free quote, a free analysis and more. Also - when you mail them twice conversions are more then double. In spite of the fact that the point of regular postal mail showcasing is to create leads and produce bargains, it can likewise turn out to be a viable device for your brand technique objectives. Case in point, starting a regular postal mail crusade in a neighborhood help make brand cognizance for your business specifically amidst your target market. It can likewise fortify your other marking deliberations from different channels
Radio: Radio marketing works. Make sure you have phone number tracking when advertising at local radio stations around the Philadelphia market. This is the only way to know if your campaign is working! 
Email: Email marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to market. A great company I use is Results Mail. Also, other great companies are Constant Contact and Mail Chimp
Referrals: THE NUMBER ONE MARKEING CAMPAIGN IS WORD OF MOUTH. Ideas to get more referrals are: go to networking events, speed networking events, hire a firm to set up referrals for you or pay someone yourself to set up appointments. Also, set up a referral programs. Ask for referrals and don't be shy. 

A lot of people ask me - How Can I build Links Quickly?

Best SEO Strategies that work!
Long Tail SEO - Marketing on a BudgetThe Long Tail SEO Theory is the best way to get your site noticed on Google.  The theory is it is easier to rank for a phrase verse a highly competitive  keyword.  
Philadelphia SEO Company - Get More Leads - Lead Generation
When you are not spamming the system, standing in Google today is about persistence, trust, and patience. 
An external link establishment battle without any quality, or of any utilization to anybody, is not the kind of back connection Google needs to assist any long haul consistency and continuity. Google calls that spam, and will rebuff you for it assuming that it catches a purpose to delude its calculations. Not that that stops a great spammer obviously.
  • Outsource third party link building companies 2014 with high scrutiny.   
  • Building Links Is Easier When You Have Content Worth Linking To 
  • Getting different websites and blogs to connection to yours is simple when you have content worth joining to. Your substance and blogs should unique, yet it doesn't have to be a master piece.  
  • The more substance you add to your site, the more probable individuals will connection to it, today or later on. In any case I'm getting connections from stuff I composed years back. Remember the long tail SEO theory below. 
Some Great Philadelphia Sites...Why Not  (Secret - Outbound SEO Links are good!)

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