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11/20/2013 17:57

You can rank higher in Google as well. Here are 5 SEO tips from a Philadelphia SEO Firm to make you rank higher for your keywords. 

5 Steps to Higher Keyword Rankings 

  1. Content is King: SEO is all about creating valuable content for the online community. 
  2. Backlinks: Make sure to add your site to as many directories as possible. Also, go to forums and add value in your field of expertise. You can add your website as a signature. 
  3. Friendly URL's: Make sure to create URL with words and not numbers and dashes.  
  4. Dynamic: Do not let your website go stale. Continuously add fresh content and blogs to your site. 
  5. Meta Tags: Make sure your website is optimized for SEO so you can rank higher in Google. Meta Tags tells Google what your website is about and compliments the actual words on your site. 

If you follow the below video, your keyword rankings will be improved. SEO takes a lot of work and effort.  

Learn how to  execute your local marketing better by reading here.   

Philadelphia SEO Firm | Get Higher Keyword Rankings | Go Philly!

Philadelphia SEO Marketing Tips

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