5 Step SEO Plan

03/28/2013 22:17

Here are 5 simple steps to increase your SEO for your business. 

  1. Start Blogging: Content is king. They key is to blog about keywords your potential customers will type in. Enter the keywords throughout the page, in the header and in the meta tags.  Don't overstuff the word as Google will know you are over optimizing. The blogging should look and feel natural. 
  2. Internal Backlinking: It is for important to have the keywords you are going after to internal links on your site. For example, if you are going after the word "Local Philadelphia Internet Marketing", you would add Philadelphia local internet marketing in different pages throughout your site and back link to the Philadelphia local internet marketing blog.  
  3. Local Directory Backlinking: It is important to list yourself in Google Maps, Yelp, Bing Maps, Facebook and other local directory listings. It will increase your backlinking which is Google values and customers will find you in these listings as well.  
  4. Guest Blog: Guest blogging is bigger then ever. Research the top sites for you industry and ask if you can guest blog and link back to your site. You will gain customers naturally from being listed on other top ranking sites.  
  5. Newsletter: Creating a newsletter will increase traction and visitors to your website which will naturally increase your SEO. If the content is engaging, visitors will spend time on your site and click/surf around. Google tracks visitor intereraction, click throughs, time on site and values these statistics in their SEO rankings.  

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