Local Philadelphia Marketing

03/26/2013 00:00

You should be marketing your local Philadelphia company through an array of avenues. One is local internet marketing . Be sure to include yourself in Google Maps, Local Bing Listings, Facebook, Yelp and more. You can also go after keywords such as "Philadelphia Sushi" or "Philadelphia Lawyer".  If your SEO is not great, you can run an inexpensive Google AdWords and Local Google Maps campaign. Two is to partner with local businesses. Ask them if you could leave business cards or a flyer in their business. Three is to provide coupons to local business in the area. For example, if you run a restaurant, contact the HR department of a nearby business and have them send coupons for your shop. Four is to join the Chamber of Commerice for business to business contacts and to meet potential customers. Five is to advertise in local media outlets such as Philly.com, the Daily News, local radio stations and local tv ads. Six is to partner with tourist hub spots and put up flyers and brochures. The key is to figure out your budget and make those dollars stretch for you.  

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We can help you market your real estate business including:      ●Lead Generation       ●Local Marketing - Internet, Print, Direct Mail, Coupons, Local Partnerships      ●Effective Social Media Marketing - Actually Get Customers to Follow You  ...
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