The 8 Most Proven 2014 Internet Marketing Strategies to Get You Web Traffic and Increased SEO Rankings

02/28/2014 12:54

1. Clickable Links: Studs v. Duds

  • The links you build need to get clicked on, not just posted. If you create links in dead zones…Google will notice. Your SEO will sky rocket if you join smart groups in LinkedIn to share your blog, have a few local profile links with 5+ reviews and answer people’s questions in forums with user activity.  A good answer will always get a click on your profile link back to your site. 

2. Trade Social Media Followers: How to get social media postings from other users? Find other social media outlets and say I will post your article to my Facebook feed if you post mine to yours. You can repeat this process to a few loyal partners and reach a few thousand new potential users in a hurry.

3. Link Your Content to Google+

  • You must use Google Plus. Google automatically indexes any site on Google Plus. 
  • Use this trick to get more Google Plus Followers.
  • Use Google Authorship which will increase your click through rate and improve your search rankings. View all about Google authorship in this link:

4. Get Relevant Web Traffic & Returning Internet Users

  • It doesn’t matter if your website is ranked if you are a smart marketer. Get relevant traffic from any form of internet including email marketing, Google Adwords and Suggested Ad-Articles. If your website provides useful and user benefit, users will use your website again and search engines and the web will  notice.
    • Email Marketing: A great tool for email marketing is Constant Contact. Sometimes Constant Contact can limit your email activity so try Results Mail for a small fee a month. The templates are simple to use and lists are easy to upload. 
    • Why  Old School Marketing Helps with Overall Rankings? Part of Google’s algorithm takes into account a user’s traffic pattern and the amount of different IP Addresses being used.  Google tracks traffic behavior on sites and rewards sites where the bounce rate is low. The bounce rate is when customers are on your site and don’t bounce to another site quickly without clicking on another link to find out more.
    • Google Adwords: By getting users to your site makes sure Google is constantly indexing your website. It is not a big part of the SEO puzzle, but Google is forced to pay attention to your site.
    • Suggested Ad Articles:  Check out which is a suggested ad articles on and other various sites around the web. 

5. Fresh Content & Blog Smartly: You need to blog in two unique ways to get traction in Google

  1. Name the title of your blog about questions people would type in. Click here to read Secrets to SEO Blogging.  
  2. Create informative and compelling information where people want to read the blog you post via Socia Media.  

Here is a great site to automate your blog marketing. They even offer a free blog trial on their home page.  

6. Local Rankings & Reviews

  • You should focus on two to three local profile sites and get a ton of reviews. You should build out the profiles, add videos, add images, get a ton of reviews, blog from these profiles sites, post your content and get any other relevant traffic possible.  My site ranks #1 for “Philadelphia Marketing Consultant”.  See Yelp Profile here.

7. Social Media: Post Your Content To Get Traffic Smartly and Effectively

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • StumbleUpon
  • Pinterest
  • Quora:  question/answer-based website founded by two former Facebook employees. 

8. Create Videos

  • You should create quality videos which explain your business and answer common questions about your business. Remember to link back to your website.
  • See video here and how I link back to my site
  • There are three easy ways to create videos. One is have someone video you from your iPhone in your office. You will get hits and relevant traffic if the videos answer important questions. Two is to use Powtoon or Windows Live Movie Maker. Or, for a professional video with a professional voice-over, check out The Marketing Factory.    


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You should be marketing your local Philadelphia company through an array of avenues. One is local internet marketing . Be sure to include yourself in Google Maps, Local Bing Listings, Facebook, Yelp and more. You can also go after keywords such as "Philadelphia Sushi" or "Philadelphia Lawyer"....
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