How To Facebook Gateway to get Likes: Must Like to View New Web Page

06/21/2013 11:04

This article is a how to tutorial on how to get more Facebook likes by making your readers like your Facebook page to see an interesting article you wrote. 

1. Write an Engaging Headline. This is the key on getting your customers to want to like your page. 

2. Sign up for woobox and check out html fan gate. 

3. For woobox to work, you need to add static iframe tab to facebook to your apps section. 

4. In Facebook, go to your apps section and click on Woobox Custom Tab or HTML Fangate App.

5. Then, click on install page tab and enjoy and get more likes! 

View Facebook Gateway Sample Here About a 5 Step SEO Plan. 

6.  Note: I have shared my settings below. 

Page Tab Share Settings
Marketing Consultant, Internet Marketing, Local Marketing & More
Visit Marketing Consultant, Internet Marketing, Local Marketing & More
Shareable Tab URL:
Show Share button at top of Tab
Page Source:  URL  Redirect  Image  HTML
The user's entire browser window will leave your page tab and be redirected to the URL you specify
Fan-Gate (Non-Fan Page Source):  Off  URL  Image  HTML
Enter the HTML for your non-fan page
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