3 Step Local Marketing Plan for Local Businesses | Facebook, Yelp and Google Places

04/30/2013 17:16

You want to make sure you are on the top 3 social media sites for local businesses.  

1) Facebook: Make sure to add the keywords you are going after in the description and tag section. Your first goal should be to get 50 likes. Your second goal should be to post your blogs here once a week. 

Our Facebook Page for marketingconsultantandstrategies.com

2) Yelp: Again, you want to add keywords in your profile that you are going after. A great way boost your Yelp profile is to add reviews overtime. If you add fifteen reviews in one day, Yelp will notice and not allow those reviews. Make sure the reviews trickle in naturally. 

Our Yelp Page for marketingconsultantandstrategies.com

3) Google Places and Google Maps: A great way to make your dollars stretch is to add a small budget to your Google Maps/Express Section. You can gain cheap local traffic to help build your customer base. 

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