4 Marketing Secrets For Small Business Owners Nobody Ever Told You

09/11/2013 11:45

Below are proven strategies on marketing concepts which work for different small to large businesses.  

1.  Use flash coupons to attract new customers and make sure prior customers don't forget about you. 

        Strategy: To have flash coupon deals on your facebook account such as buy 1 get 1 free or 30% off at         any random time. This will give a reason for your followers to follow your Facebook page, Twitter account         or even sign up for your newsletter. 

How to Gain Followers: You can easily put up a sign in your store that states Follow Us on Facebook for flash deals and coupons. You can even put this on your business card. Additionally, after a sale, you can ask for email addresses. 

How to Create & Market Coupon: You can simply just post on your facebook wall and send out through your e-newsletter. If you want an official coupon, check out www.easycouponmaker.com. 

2.  Local Internet Marketing is Growing and Easy to Take Advantage Of

  • You need to have reviews. Set a goal to get 10 reviews on Yelp & Google Plus within 1 month. Sidenote, if you get too many reviews too fast, they might think the reviews are fake and not post them.
  • Most businesses have this, but make sure you are on Google Places. See link here.        

3. You need to be the purple cow

The story goes...If you see a purple cow, you will stop and take a look because it is different. If you see a normal cow, you will drive right by. Well, the same goes for marketing. Be different and get creative. Be quirky and original while sharing your message. Stand Out!

4. Mailers Still Work

Old fashion direct mail still works...but you need to be smart. Depending on different industries and customers, you might want to take different approaches. 

  • Mailers is a must for new businesses. If you are a new business in the area, mailers create brand awareness. You might not receive a return on your marketing from the coupons, but local customers will know you are there and trickle in later.  
  • Make sure the offer is good enough you would want to hang it on your fridge. 
  • Joint and partnership mailures is a new trend. You can partner up with another local business in a similar industry and minimize costs. Also, mailing post cards and second class rates can reduce your expenses as well.  


   By Brent Rovner on Google


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